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h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Oct 2 20:46:38 CEST 2004

Hi Taco,

> Hi Hans,
> I just went there and had a look around. I like the look of
> the new site, but of course I have comments. Then again, I assume
> that is why it was on dev-context in the first place :)


> Here we go:
> - Assuming most of the CSS is 'frozen', you could move that into 
>   a separate style.css file and linking to that. It will save you
>   on traffic and it makes it easier to use a different CSS file 
>   for IE (if desired). The best 'real' solution for IE and older 
>   browsers would (no doubt) be to use frames.

i had that as a start, however, there is nothing like a symbolic color; 
ans so i would end up with some 20 nearly identical css styles that then 
had to be downloaded;

you're right about the trafic; once the site goes life, i'll make the 
style more compacts (less spacy)

> - In my browser (a galeon based on mozilla 1.4), the main download
>   window and the 'documents and examples' window force a 
>   horizontal scrollbar to appear (the table is wider than it's 
>   allocated space). Will check with a newer browser on monday,
>   but the problem will probably remain as long as there are
>   table tags. 'position: absolute' and html tables do not blend 
>   well, is my experience.

ok, i made the font a bit smaller now; i tested on a high res screen; i 
didn't want too wide lines, but i found out that setting

   max-width: 60em

works quite well (prevents too wide lines on a 1600x1200 full screen)

i'm thinking about an article for the maps about css versus tex -) 
interestingly th eeasierst thing, i.e. getting the page dimensions 
right, is the one bugged most; safari [kde based] is the worst

the _parameter: ... is needed for internet explorer [igmored by rest]

> - The 'pod' login page is a bit different from the rest, I assume
>   that is on purpose, but I thought I'd better ask j.i.k.

ok, will check; i generate three sets: web pages, interfaces, login 
things and they need to be moved to different places; i need to figure 
that out -)

> - it would be nice if it was clear from the outset that the
>   'showcase' is a pdf file. Or perhaps make it pop up a window
>   of it's own? It destroys the layout which is a pity.

maybe a roll over, but that is javascript; maybe i get a brainwave 
because it indeed is a strange animal (but i like the showcase); a 
similar inconsistency is in the documentations first entry (because 
there i want to default to the html based collection first)

> - the 'next-previous' buttons give no visual indication of how 
>   'large' the loop is nor on what page of the loop you are,
>   and I miss that. Perhaps a color-bar as in some of the s-pre 
>   styles?

ah ... i think that is doable; nice challenge; goes on the todo list as 

btw, one strange thing i ran into is that sometimes position() 
increments by 2 instead of 1

> - Fianlly, all pages have the title "Generated page", which is 
>   correct but somewhat pointless.

-) yeah, i need to pass the title around [one of the cases where the 
lack of global vars messes up xslt] ; i've put it on the todo list too

can you mirror this ok? (there is a wget.txt file as well)


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