[Aleph] please review

Benjamin BAYART bayartb at edgard.fdn.fr
Fri Jun 1 11:06:17 CEST 2007

Le Thu, May 31, 2007 at 08:25:02PM -0600, Idris Samawi Hamid:
> Till then, let's use the aleph list to collect wish-list items, bugs with
> aleph, etc. The developers do read this list so...

As you perhaps know, I'm a long time user of Omega (acheology would
probably find references back to the real beginnings of Omega, when it
did not even run on Intel architectures).

My recent concerns about omega/aleph are the OTPs. There is a real
problem in that point which is not an implementation concern, but a
design problem. It seems luaTeX (tries to) address the problem and I'm
quite impatient to have à look at it. Mostly, in my mind, those
questions are opened:
- will the translation happen on source (like preprocessor) or on nodes
  (like paragraph transformer), the main mistake of OTP was to try to do
  both ?
- how will that interact with opentype features ?
  o possible to load a "normal" font, and then add it (via macros?)
    features like the ones expect in opentype?
  o possible to change the features after loading an opentype fond?
    (like one can change a \fontdimen after loading a font)
- there is a dual syntax, one from eTeX for handling high-number
  registers and another from Omega, with behaviours hard to understand
  and with different limits, will that be unified (I guess so) ?
  o a brand new syntax deprecating the two previous ones ?
  o another kludge to try to have averything backward compatible?
  o new features enabled and that's all ?

That project sounds like good news. I should go more often to TeX
meetings, I juste discovered the existance of luaTeX while people
seems to be informed :)

Thanks for your work,


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