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Wed Oct 6 16:48:09 CEST 2004

On Wed, 20-10-06, 2004 at 11:37:45AM +0200, Javier Bezos wrote:
> > My hope would have been that Mem can catch the points where the script
> > changes by itself (in fact, this is one of my prerequisites for using
> > Mem + Aleph). In the Unicode context, this would be quite possible,
> > given that most characters have a script associated with them. Those
> > few that don't (e. g. the numbers or most punctuation marks)
> > assume the script property of the surrounding script.
> This is my hope, too. In fact, I've already made some
> experiments:
> http://perso.wanadoo.es/jbezos/archive/selscript.zip

I'll look at that ASAP.
> However, this feature is not among my priorities because
> is not a critical one--in other words, if you can do it
> by hand, 

Which won't be easy, given that it is a long text with very many
switches, but possibly I can semi-automatically insert script tags.

> I prefer to spend my time to fix thinks which
> don't work properly (or just don't work, period). Anyway,
> even so I've had sometimes problems to decide which script
> to use if numbers are between two scripts. In a technical
> document in Hebrew I had, with lots of numbers and Latin
> text, there were cases where the script for numbers had to be
> set by hand. While switching the script is not difficult
> if all of them are either l-to-r or r-to-l, bidirectional
> writing poses many problems which cannot be solved easily.

Yes, these are highly interesting topics. They include, e. g., also
cases such as footnotes anchored in, say, Hebrew, but in an overall
l-to-r text (where the footnote or margin or similar should, of
course, be typeset l-to-r or, more generally, according to the overall
direction of the body of the text). 

> Now I'm working in a quick and dirty LGR encoding, so that
> you can make experiments. And if you are able to make a
> real document with Mem... ¡congratulations! :-)

Just drop me a line when you are done and I'll try it out immediately.

Best regards,


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