[Aleph] \char bug when OTP active

YJLee yjlee123 at ms51.hinet.net
Wed Nov 24 19:07:12 CET 2004


This is a bug I find in my project (Chinese+Omega),  you may interesting,


    \char<number>  command  need a blank space when OTP is active, otherwise character will disappear or lambda don't pass.

A success test  file without OTP is the following ,
% \char bug test1, without otp
\documentclass[10pt, a4paper]{book}
  \item \$               %<-- ok
  \item \textdollar      %<-- ok
  \item \char36          %<-- ok
  \item {\char36}        %<-- ok
  \item {\char36 }       %<-- ok
  \item \char36\char36   %<-- ok
  \item \char36 \char36  %<-- ok
  \Stopsign   from package marvosym %<--  ok

When any OTP is active like this

% \char bug test2, with otp


\InputTranslation currentfile \TexUTF
\ocplist\inputtrans=%\addbeforeocplist 1000 \TexUTF
\addbeforeocplist 1000 \OCPunitolat

\documentclass[10pt, a4paper]{book}

\usepackage[greek, ngerman]{babel}

  \item \$                %<-- ok
  \item \textdollar       %<-- ok
  \item \char36           %<-- ok
  \item {\char36}         %<-- disappear 
  \item {\char36 }        %<-- ok
%  \item \char36\char36   %<-- fail to pass elambda , need comment   
  \item \char36 \char36   %<--  ok
  \Stopsign   from package marvosym  %<-- disappear , if we don't 
                                                            %<-- change \def\Stopsign{{\mvchr33}} to \def\Stopsign{{\mvchr33 }} 
                                                            %<-- in  marvosym.sty 

The character emitted by \char command without following another  blank space will disappear or even stop elambda .

Since command \char was used in symbols font definitions in  package like marvosym, the symbols disappear if we 
don't  add additional blank space for every symbol, .. a lot of work.

Or someone have fixed this bug ?
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