[Aleph] general query

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 22 22:30:33 CET 2004

William F. Adams wrote:

> Nice new re-design of the site too.

it took me while to get it so that it worked in all browsers; interesting to see 
that even the simpliest css (setting up areas) is tricky

> You might not want to go straight to a .pdf w/ the top-level 
> ``showcase'' link though---hyperlinks don't work w/ Preview.app in Mac 
> OS X, so it's a dead-end unless one forces a re-load into Adobe Acrobat.

a few days a go i got a mail from adobe (advertisement) claiming that teh new 
acrobat 7 would integrate nicely with the mac browsers, so they finaly fot their 
act together -)

if you want to download all documents, try

   rsync www.pragma-pod.com::

and choose the documentation tree

   rsync -r www.pragma-pod.com::doc contextdoc

or so


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