[Aleph] More manic eGroups

Javier Bezos jbezos at wanadoo.es
Mon Nov 8 11:19:07 CET 2004

Hello Benjamin,

> Well, I got the same kind of troubles with eTeX, Omega, and now Aleph:
> no way to obtain fresh news about those projects. I don't know if I'll
> be able to help you a lot in development (and/or fixing), since I do not
> have a lot of time to spend on that time. If there's not yet an
> "official" site where to find the latest news, snapshots and so on, I
> can help in setting this up. If there is already one, then you should
> definitively add a pointer to it in a README on CTAN :-)

I'm working on a package named Mem, which will provide
multilingual support for LaTeX with Aleph, and I've
created a project in Sourceforge:


I'm setting the site up, but I must confess this is not only
a matter of time, but of knowing how to carry out that! I'm
trying to learn how to configure it and what its parts are
intended for (trakers, tasks, docs, news, RFE, lists, forums,
etc.) but I get lost. In other words, I get bogged down by
the project site (besides font encodings).

Since apparently you have experience in setting sites up,
I would appreciate any advice on how to do that.


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