[Aleph] Quotation marks disappear

klists at saphor.de klists at saphor.de
Mon Nov 8 10:51:15 CET 2004

> This works for me:
> \usepackage[UT1]{fontenc}
> \def\rmdefault{omlgc}
> \def\ttdefault{uctt}
> It solves all the problems. Still, the absence of those
> commands reveals an OTP bug wich needs to be addressed.

Many thanks for the tip! This is certainly the intended encoding.

My main file now runs through --- and with UT1 now neither
\textquotedblleft nor \textquotedblright shows up ;-)

With RC4, UT1-encoding and the sample file Lamed hangs forever. If I
interrupt it, I get

! Interruption.
OCP stack 1000.0 entry 0:

OCP stack 1000.0 entry 0:u

regardless of how long I wait. But that's possibly exactly the bug
now corrected in RC5.

Best regards,

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