[Aleph] More manic eGroups

Giuseppe Bilotta gip.bilotta at iol.it
Sun Nov 7 15:39:56 CET 2004

Hello Benjamin,

I'm glad to hear about your success story!

Concerning your patched LaTeX/Lamed, I suggest you submit your
patches to the LaTeX team for inclusion in the next release of
LaTeX; indeed, as you may know, future releases of LaTeX will
*assume* support for e-TeX extensions is available in the
engine. If they haven't fixed allocation already, they'll be
glad to accept your patch. BTW, the bug with allocation in
e-TeX was fixed in e-TeX 2.2, which should be available with
the next TeXLive and teTeX cycles.

Personally, I build Aleph on the TeXlive source base. There,
we're at RC4 already. And you remind me I should publicly
release the code for that *blush*. :D

Re: the OTP bug:

>> Sorry to throw yet another problem into the ring (possibly the same
>> one as the dollar thing?). If I typeset the attached file with LaTeX
>> (minus the OCP related stuff, of course), everything is fine. If I do
>> it with Aleph / Lamed, I get again the eGroup error:

> I did try your source on my "strange" installation, and it failed, but
> with a really different message (after a long pause, about 2 seconds):
> ! Aleph capacity exceeded, sorry [ocp_buf_size=20000].
> <to be read again> 
>                    \egroup 
> l.22  abc \texttt{"(76;x"A"}
>                              def

> I did increase the ocp_buf_size to 10 times this much, and got the same
> trouble (but waiting longer). My question is: is that a bug in my
> building of aleph, or is that anything else? Wrong versions of the OCPs?

I suspect the different results might be an outcome of the
different Aleph versions. IIRC, Marc uses RC4.

And yes, I suspect this is the same bug as the \textdollar bug.

I'm thinking about adding some debug code to the OCP code in
Aleph; something like \tracingocps; any suggestions?

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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