[Aleph] Quotation marks disappear

klists at saphor.de klists at saphor.de
Sat Nov 6 16:39:47 CET 2004

> >> > Any idea what is going awry?
> >> 
> >> I ran this on my local copy with the latest Aleph (the one that
> >> will be in the next TeXLive) and this is fixed (it was due to
> >> the interaction between \char and OTPs which we discussed; now
> >> \char's do not get into OTPs).
> > Thanks for this speedy and reassuring information. 
> > Are the corrected Aleph sources already in the texlive repository?
> > I've done a p4 sync this morning in the hope to get your corrected
> > version. but no luck.
> Are you p4-sync'ing source or source.development?
> Oh wait. You're right, you get a \ ... sorry, my fault. I was
> comparing with the old version I have here under Windows where
> the \ was actually active.
> Are you sure this is not an encoding problem? The font used is
> OT1, but I think the Omega fonts are T1-encoded?

I really don't know ;-(

I thought that selecting the Omega fonts in \rmdefault would also
enable corresponding definitions of macros such as \textquotedblleft,
but I may be utterly mistaken. 

Best regards,


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