[Aleph] feature request :-))

Javier Bezos aleph@ntg.nl
Fri Jul 2 15:53:02 CEST 2004


> I have come across a very serious deficiency in (e-)Omega, one that I hope
> and pray is easy for the develpors (read Giuseppe;->) to fix.
> Note that in an ocplist, everything is tied together: transcription,
> analysis, and font. So if on wants to switch fonts and keep the same
> transcription, one must right an entirely new ocplist. In the case of
> complex languages like arabic, the ocps take care of not just
> transcriptions and fonts but vocalization, ligatures, orthography,
> contextual analysis, etc. Each time one of these changes, a complete new
> ocplist must be written.

You can accomplish that using only the "primitive" interface
for ocp's, as Giuseppe has pointed out. Anyway, a higher
level interface should be left to the format (LaTeX, ConTeXt,


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