[Aleph] Mem - new release

ishamid ishamid at lamar.colostate.edu
Sat Aug 28 15:45:10 CEST 2004

Hi Javier,

>===== Original Message From "Javier Bezos" <jbezos at wanadoo.es> =====


>Actually, what's preprocessed is the mtp file to create
>an otp one, so that [POUND SIGN] is equivalent to @"00A3.
>The next step would be to translate also UTF-8 sequences.

Related to this: I learned yesterday that you cannot use the extended ascii 
representations of utf-8 in otp's:

`Ù'`„' => @"0671;

will not work, I have to convert these two characters to

@"D9 @"84 @"D9 @"90

using a hex editor (thnx to Giuseppe for teaching me about this tool!)

>Regarding otp's are painful to configure, we are agreed
>and I hope mtp files could help in the near future to
>make the task somewhat simpler, so if you have any
>suggestion it would be most welcome. This way we can
>have prototypes to experiment with, so that in the future
>otp2ocp itself could be extended with new features if
>necessary. (One of the reasons I use Python is that it's
>a great language for prototyping.)

I guess eventually we will have atp2acp or something like that in the 

Again, congrats on the good work!


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