[Aleph] Mem - new release

Javier Bezos jbezos at wanadoo.es
Thu Aug 26 13:37:07 CEST 2004


> Very likely I will release
> a new version of mem in a few days, with an Arabic
> sample and other new features, including correct
> (or almost) handling of verbatim.

Which I've just done.

What's new?
- Several bugs has been fixed (but lots of them
  are still to be fixed or even discovered; it's
  experimental after all).
- An extensión to otp's named mtp is introduced, which
  remaps special characters (for verbatim) and allows
  Unicode names. A preprocessor written in Python converts
  it to otp and then to ocp.
- A Python script generates input enconding otp's.
  (An since Python has built-in Unicode tools, I
  think I will use it extensively to write more
- An Arabic sample.
- I've begun to clean up fonts. In particular, UT1 is
  avoided for the reasons explained in the manual.
  However, synchronyzing properly font ocp's with the
  NFSS used in LaTeX is not an easy task.
- The manual contains new material and parts of the
  readme has been moved into it.
- I continue advancing in the verbatim issue.

By the way, I think it would be a good idea if
the development of mem could be done with the help
of some kind of public repository. Any advice on


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