[Aleph] And boxes (was \parshape and \hangindent)

ishamid ishamid at lamar.colostate.edu
Wed Aug 18 19:29:37 CEST 2004

>===== Original Message From "Javier Bezos" <jbezos at wanadoo.es> =====
>There are similar problems with boxes. If I say
>\pardir TRT
>\textdir TRT
>the box is typeset TLT and not TRT. With Omega
>it works fine, but \hangindent and \parshape give mixed
>Has that been fixed in Aleph?

Giuseppe knows better, but I'm not sure this is really a bug. Your global
direction is still TLT. (J and Y may have changed things for 1.23 but that may
or may not have been the wise thing to do.)  Unfortunately TLT is largely
hardwired in these high-level formats. What we really need (as Hans pointed
out on the ConTeXt list) is a model for bidirectionality with respect to these
different elements. So there are two questions:

1. What should be the effects of local commands like \pardir TRT
& \textdir TRT?

2. What changes do LaTeX and ConTeXt need to make to fully accomodate

As I learned in a complicated bi-directional project recently, the answers are
not necessarily trivial.


P.S. I've use \parshape in Lambda long ago (Omega1.15) with no problems.

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