Here is something I do not understand about \usemodule.

My modules are in two places because I wanted development and production separated:
(1) Volume/TeX/texmf/modules/
(2) Volume/TeX/texmf/modules-new/

Unexpected and suddenly loading files from the first directory does not occur any longer: modules > 'hvdm-tak' is not found
But modules from modules-new load without a hitch:  modules > 'hvdm-load' is loaded

I have discard the caches and rebuilt them to no avail. Then trying mtxrun --locate filename does not show any location not even from the files that are loaded, just an empty line.
What happens inside \usemodule to cause this? I confess being baffled. And how to convince ConTeXt to find all my modules?

dr. Hans van der Meer