Hello together,

I have the following example: I place a simple float (a graphic) in the text within


and create a footnote with the graphic's source, that I want to be placed as simple footnote at the bottom of the page. CTX, LuaTX do this just fine.

But when the float is being set on the next page, due to spacing, then the footnote remains on the initial page, i.e. the footnote stays on page 1, whereas the float with its description text and the footnote marker are set on page 2.

Is it possible to make the footnote's location depend on the location of the float, rather than where the last text passage was before the float? An example:

\startplacefigure[title={Heijunkabox \footnote{source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/Box.svg}},

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Sebastian.