I am trying to run the example Hans published on the 1st of December with a new upload.
It is about using the variable font Nupuram.

I downloaded the font in a big .zip file.
It contains: two explaining files and  folder with  sub-folder "Nupuram", which in turn contains 6 subsub-filders:
- otf with 32 otf font files
- otf-variable with 1 file "Nupuram-VF.otf"
- ttf with 32 ttf font files
- ttf-variable with 1 file "Nupuram-VF.ttf"
- ufo with 32 subfolders xxx.ufo
- webfonts with 33 xxx.woff2 files

After looking to contextgarden,I tried to put the "Nupuram" sub-folder or only the folders with .otf in different places of my context-lmtx folder, and using "mtxrun --script font --reload".
But the example of Hans didn't work.

Then I install the .ttf font files in Windows\fonts; it works, but 1) trying to install the Nupuram-VF.ttf, I have the message that Nupuram-Regular is already installed; and 2) I get the font in the example, but no changes of width or colour.

So, now I deleted all the Nupuram everywhere.
How could I have it fully working under context-lmtx?

I have different places for fonts in my context-lmtx:
- tex\texmf\fonts      mainly empty except \data
- texmf-context\fonts  populated
- texmf-fonts  empty
- texmf-modules\fonts  populated

Thanks for you help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,