On 2/27/2019 11:53, Joseph Canedo wrote:

Dear list,


I use lua function nodes.toutf to print text being typeset in log output for debugging purposes etc… and I noticed output is now different for some characters/glyphs.

I use EB Garamond font, which might explain.


Before, for example output was :


user            > margin > margin box text Thareh.


Now it is :


user            > margin > margin box text 󰀙areh.


The « Th » was replaced by some 󰀙 placeholder perhaps for unknown character?


Please note that typeset text is not impacted, it seems correct.




The dlig feature for EBGaramond causes "Th" to be replaced by a ligature. Look carefully at your typeset text and you will likely see that the "T" and "h" are joined.