In the new upload for Windows 10/64 there is a new file "modules.bat".

When I did launch it it went through all my harddisk and most of the time there was a line saying:

"File has vanished..." those were about files outside the context-lmtx folder. (See the two attached images)

I crashed the action.

How can I have the modules installed in "C:\Users\Alain\context-lmtx\tex" and have the module use working?



Le 22/11/2021 à 22:37, Hans Hagen via ntg-context a écrit :

We're still working on the math so updated lfg files buit not many other things apart from a few fixes.

In the process I ran into another area where ms eems to take the lead:


and although it aims at msword I gave that a go for context so we now have a "braille-basic" module (style) that we (can) use (and run as demo) for playing with math spacing because we basically have a monospace font. If there is any interest in braille as alternative output we can extend that. I'm pretty sure that we need to adapt some (general spacing related) presets to this situation.


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