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OK, it is a big OFF TOPIC.
Some notes
* the Elements of Typographic Style was made with Indesign (true or
false?) and the only
words about TeX is an url (true or false ?)
* indesign eat xml
* there is an indesign server; maybe actually too much complex, but in
the future?
* I don't know if IDCS2 has some programming capabilities like ConTeXt
Ofcourse :
*IDCS2 come from Adobe, so it has the feature of latest pdf spec.;
* (...possibly many others...)

But there is one important point:
Can IDCS2 be view as candidate for automatic typesetting (xml->IDCS2->pdf)  ?


As a matter of fact, I'm looking into XML --> InDesign myself (we're implementing an XML workflow in journals production here at Duke Press. I'll let you know what I find off list (or on if anyone else is interested.


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