I'm testing LMTX with documents I've written for ConTeXt MKIV. I've copied the third party module folder from ConTeXt and some of them work like a charm (t-vim, TikZ, etc.). Nonetheless, I find PGFPlots just doesn't work. I've tried with the minimal example:


and LMTX gives the following error message (omitting spaces):

tex error       > tex error on line 42 in file pgfplotsbinary.data.code.tex: ! Undefined control sequence
l.42 \catcode`\ =11^^I\expandafter\xdef\csname pgfp@bin@
                                                      \the\counter^^I\endcsname{^^20}\endgroup\advance\counter by1
lua error:
<empty file>
The control sequence at the end of the top line of your error message was never
\def'ed. You can just continue as I'll forget about whatever was undefined.

Why does it happen and how to make the code work?