Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o.
22. Juni 2015 11:42
Hello Wolfgang,

thank you for the solution, it pretty systemic.

Ad "Ad 2": There was no question as succeeded placing page number and name into the page gold ratio, so just mentioned as one of the features required.

After some plying with your solution, I deduce:

We have to derive a new alternative for "part" (here "partpage") as we CAN assign a new "renderingsetup" to this alternative but we CANNOT assign a rendering setup in the scope of \setuphead.

IOW, there is no "\setuphead[part][renderingsetup=partpage]".

If there was the option "\setuphead[part][renderingsetup=partpage]" we could simplify to:
This method to set your own layout is also used by other command (e.g. the list mechanism used for the table of contents) and the \defineheadplacement has also a alternative key which is needed when you want an inline heading (e.g. \setuphead[...][alternative=text]).
% No headalternative here






Am I right?

(And, I understand that the aim is not to support all extraordinary request(s) in \setuphead by its keys/options - it is enough to have A way to get them, here using a "headalternative"...)
The necessary key would be endless with each new layout and with the \defineheadplacement command to create your own without adding additional keys but you can also use the command key instead of \defineheadplacement. The advantage of \defineheadplacement is that you can better structure the code in the setups environment because you don’t have to worry about spaces.