Dear all,
I'm typesetting a document with grid layout and some formulas, like in the minimal example below:


\input knuth
  a = b + c
\input knuth

I don't have any specific need for the alignment of the formula with respect to the grid, but I expect the text below the formula to be on the grid. However, I've not been able to achieve that with any of the layout options described in the latest "details.pdf" manual: in all cases I've tried the text below the formula doesn't "sit" on the grid.

While I do not understand this behavior, I've thought that it could be the intended one, because this is what happens in chapter 4 of the "details" manual. Then, I noticed that in older versions of the same manual (for example the one included in texlive 2017) the behavior shown in chapter 4 is the one I expect: the text after formulas is aligned to the grid. So I'm a bit puzzled: should the text after formulas be aligned to the grid or not? Is this a (known?) bug or intended behavior?

If this is the expected behavior, I can live with that because by trial and error I found a workaround. If I employ a \blank command before the formula (as in the commented line in the above example), the text after the formula is "correctly" aligned.

Thank you in advance.