Hi all!

I recently started using Verbatim Macroses to make source code pieces look prettier in my docs.
I use things like \setuptyping[JV] and then \startJV - \stopJV

But I'd like to change the default colors in the macroses to my own.

I only found that redefining some colors like this
\definecolor [colorprettyone]       [green]
\definecolor [colorprettytwo]       [navy]
\definecolor [colorprettythree]     [r=0,g=0,b=.9]

makes effect, but that seems not very effective and affects all verbatims.
1) I could not find all colors.
2) I need several different schemes (palettes) for different verbatims (XML, Java, SQL).

I expect there is a way to redefine whole palette or something.

What's the easiest and the right way to do it?

Thanks in advance!