Add this fix to your document:


   \usedlanguageparameter{\c!left\currentparentdelimitedtext}% was: \currentdelimitedtext


There was a bug when “method=font” was used but this was fixed last October.

Tomas Hala
21. April 2018 um 18:01
# unfortunately, this does not work (on my computer with TL2017).
# Proper Czech quotation marks are available via \quotation command:
# \mainlanguage[cz]
# \quotation{text}
# But it is language independent problem, I did more tests:
# neither Czech, nor US, nor Dutch, nor German quotation marks are
# hanging.
# Without influence is also font (font family), tested on modern,
# libertine,
# EB Garamond 12 from your example, times...
# No change appeared switching the order of commands
# \definefontfeature and \setupalign.
# \setupdelimitedtext[quotation][method=font]

I tried it but it generates an error -- "Extra }, or forgotten \endgroup",
after run till the end, the opening character is hanging but closing
character disappeared. (Similarly with \setupquotation[method=font].)


# Wolfgang

\definefontfeature [default] [default] [protrusion=quality, expansion=quality]


\setupbodyfont[times] % libertine, times, modern
\quotation{pokus s uvozovkami}

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