I would like to display titles differently in TOC than they appear in text. For example, MyChapter1 -> 1retpahCyM. Basically any highly non-trivial transformation that really needs Lua.

I've written simple Lua macros before, but the following approach trying to define textcommand does not work since I can't find the way to pass the raw title to my transform function.

userdata = userdata or {}
function userdata.mytransform(title)
    --context(title) --this is just fine, but isn't very useful




\startchapter[title={Sample Chapter}]

When I print the actual title that is passed to mytransform, all I get is \currentlistentrytitle and I haven't succeed expanding it (and there's all kind of formatting stuff and so on going on I suppose). Sections have "deeptextcommand" which is somewhat what I'm after here, but I've not found similar option for TOC. So, is there a way to get just the raw titles?

Jason C.