Pablo Rodriguez
24. Juni 2016 um 16:02

we have talked about this feature improvement before. You told me to
report again in a month, since TeX Live 2016 was first.

The four printing options would be:

duplex page portrait landscape (implemented in the "option" key)

fixed (no value is required)

copies an number
pdfsize yes no
The option key for \setupinteractionscreen accepts since a while a list with arguments, e.g.

The option copies would implement /NumCopies and pdfsize would implement
/PickTrayByPDFSize, both from the /ViewerPreferences dictionary (as
explained in

It would be great to have a \setupprinting command for these four
options. At least, I think having the four printing options independent
from the viewing options (as the key "option" does right now).