Thank you so much Wolfgang! I should have realised that. It's what I get for trying to write readable code.

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I'm having a strange problem with the \setuplayout command with the parameters being ignored. In the code below the only parameter which does get setup is the backspace parameter, the header, footer, width, and margin parameters are setup differently according to the log. I'm probably missing something fairly obvious so hints would be helpful. The document I'm trying to setup will probably be a maximum of 50 pages and I would like to reduce the space at the top and bottom of the page.

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%%%%%%%%% Code so far %%%%%%%%%%%



backspace = 2.5cm,

margin = 0.5cm,

width = 16cm,

header = 1cm,

footer = 1cm,


Remove the spaces before and after = in the settings. While LaTeX ignores spaces around = ConTeXt doesn't.