I am new to ConTeXt and have two questions about footnote formatting.

I have noticed that there is always a space between the footnote number and the actual text of the footnote. My first question is: How can I eliminate this space or at the very least replace the space with a non-breaking space. On my system, the footnote numbers sometimes appear at the end of a line while the footnote text wraps around to the next line.

Also, I am formatting my footnotes with \setupfootnotes[n=0,...] so that they appear at the bottom of the page in paragraph form (i.e., not one footnote per line). Due to a section change in the document, I may restart footnote numbering at "1" in the middle of a page. When this happens, I would like to indent footnote #1 just like you would indent a paragraph. My second question is: Can this be done?

Any help offered will be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Dodson

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