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When one defines a command, in particular when using the brackets […], it is wise to put a percent sign at the end of the line if one changes the line on which the macro is defined.
In your case, saying


suppresses the problem you are reporting (at least here on my machine running MacOS 10.13.3 and the latest beta as yours).

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On 9 Feb 2018, at 19:03, Tim Steenvoorden <tim.steenvoorden@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all,

After some time I’m back to ConTeXt and I dug up some old macros. I used to define a \see macro to automatically insert labels like “chapter”, "figure" etc. in front of a reference based on the structure of the label. Below you'll find its definition.

It worked in MKIV about two years ago, nevertheless, now ConTeXt hangs when placing punctuation after the command. I.e. TeX hangs with an emergency stop (“*" on the terminal) after all files have been processed (after cont-yes.mkiv is closed).

What am I doing wrong that such a thing happens?

Im on macOS 10.13.3 with minimals beta 2018.02.09 00:04.





\starttexdefinition dosee #1#2
    {\writestatus{references}{reference format in#1 not defined}
\stoptexdefinition % #3 is optional and gobbled by \in







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