Jason Ross <jasonross1024@gmail.com> hat am 24.12.2021 22:37 geschrieben:

On 12/24/21 1:29 PM, Denis Maier wrote:

I probably wasn't clear. You will support toc:2.
#+Context_Section_Levels: '(chapter section subsection)
will translate into a definesectionlevels command and inform your
exporter about the used sectionlevels. Once the used commands are known
it should be possible to map toc:2 to a combinedlist definition.
I can't require the user to use more document keywords to get the same
functionality they already have with the other exporters by default.
You don't do that. If you provide default a default sectionlevel scheme, you'll know what toc:2 means.
If a user uses a different scheme provided via #+Context_Section_Levels you can use that to adjust the meaning of toc:2. But if a user uses the default setting toc:2 should be fine. Does that make sense?

I am really specifically looking for a way _in ConTeXt_ to create a
table of contents with depth `n` regardless of the sectioning used.