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> Context is the only Tex-based system that allows to properly tag a pdf.
> Tagged PDFs are one major requirement for accessibility.
> Indeed, in several large organizations/universities, accessibility is
> mandated by law, and this is a major obstacle for using Tex. In practice
> compliance is often assessed with Acrobat Pro's
> accessibility checker.
> Context produces a nice tag-structure, but there are some minor issues
> that prevent compliance to [1], and hence Acrobat Pro complains during the
> check.

Thank you for the report .
It would be nice to have a pdf made by context using \nopdfcompression
that have all these issues together with the report emitted by acrobat.
Last time I have checked a pfd/a-1a made by context it was all ok, but it
was time ago and maybe not
all the features were tested deeply.


Hello and thank you for raising these issues.

Note that there is a free and very good PDF accessibility checker:
You can easily generate a detailed report with this tool. It does, however, not check for PDF/A-1a conformance.

Cheers, Christoph