Henning Hraban Ramm
7. Dezember 2015 um 10:54
Hi again,

since my bibliographic setup works well, thanks again, I’d like to tighten it a bit, i.e. reduce spacing under defined circumstances.

In the docs and sources I found only how to affect spacing of languages, and only "packed" or "broad".

In lang-spa.mkiv I found \definehspace, and in spac-hor.mkiv I found \spac_spacecodes_set_fixed{}, but I don’t understand if they can do what I want, and how.

This doesn’t help:

before={\bgroup\spac_spacecodes_set_fixed{50}}, % does this take a value or a unicode point?
after={\egroup}, %\spac_spacecodes_set_stretch},

I’d also like to have footnotes in tighter spacing.

You have to change the value of the \spaceskip register when you want to change with width of a space.

  \spaceskip .7\interwordspace plus .5\interwordstretch minus \interwordshrink



\input zapf
\input zapf