On 12/6/2019 17:50, Otared Kavian wrote:
Hi all,

I am preparing a test for my students where I would like to have the statement of the problem on the top of a page and the remainder to the bottom of that page filled with \thinrules, for them to write the solution. And sometimes there might be an empty page filled with thinrules when the solution to the exercise is longer.

The following minimal example gives the idea of what I want to achieve, but since the statement of each exercise may be longer or shorter, I would like ConTeXt to compute how many \thinrules can be put in the remainder of the page.
That is, can one imagine a macro named (say) \fillpagewiththinrules which puts the exact number of thinrules before ejecting the page?
Is this possible or have I to do it by hand for each page?

\dorecurse{2}{\input knuth.tex\par}

\thinrules[n=20] % On the first page I can put 20 thinrules


\thinrules[n=40] % On an empty page I can put 40 thinrules

\input ward.tex

\thinrules[n=37] % On the third page there can be 37 thinrules


Thanks for any hint and help,
Best regards: Otared K.
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It looks like Wolfgang answered this a while back. See Re: [NTG-context] Room for comment on the backside of form. .