On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 5:20 PM, "H. Özoguz" <h.oezoguz@mmnetz.de> wrote:
Thanks luigi, but it does not work for my characters, see here:

\definefont[tradoa][name:trado*arabic at 20pt] % or file:amiri-regular.ttf*... file:alq.ttf

\directlua{ local function replace_txt (buffer)
buffer=string.gsub(buffer,"اللهِ","اللَّـه") return buffer end
my text {\setupalign[r2l] \tradoa اللَّـه}

"trado" ist just the font "traditional arabic", nearly every system have it, so you should be able to compile this. It does not replace the character.

ok, I've installed  amiri-regular.ttf and it compiles, and as you say the gsub doesn't work. I'm trying to see why.