Thanks Hans for clarification. But even with simple context color models (that worked before) I get other colors.


{\bfa •••••••• Test}

\fill[mycol] (0, 0) rectangle (2,4);
\fill[mycol_h] (2, 0) rectangle ++(2,4);
\fill[mycol_q] (4, 0) rectangle ++(2,4);

I'm not so familiar with metafun, so I couldn't do the rectangle with metafun (the different colors between context/metafun and tikz would certainly be better visible so). But the bullet shows, that the text color isn't the same as the tikz-figure. But they should as they are identical. Something must have changed in color handling.


2015-04-14 10:42 GMT+02:00 Hans Hagen <>:
On 4/14/2015 10:29 AM, Christian Prim wrote:
Thanks Hans for the fix!

I have noticed, that spotcolors can be used in tikz, but they are
darker. Is that wanted or a bug?

they will map onto cmyk or rgb depending on definitions ... don't expect advanced context color models to work with tikz (but they do work with metafun)


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