​I am converting some ITRANS documents with vedic accents to devanagari pdf files using Context. I tried both Chandas and Siddhanta fonts with it, I would prefer to use Siddhanta but in some cases the display is not coming correctly.

eg. स॒र्वार्थ॑ in
स॒र्व॒म॒ङ्ग॒लमा॒ङ्गल्ये॑ शि॒वे स॒र्वार्थ॑ साधिके।
शर॑ण्ये त्र्यम्ब॑के दे॒वि॒ ना॒राय॑णि न॒मोऽस्तु॑ ते॥

does not display correctly when using Siddhanta font but it display correctly in Chandas.​

​Please let me know if you need more details.