> Dear Hans,
> I found that ConTeXt injected two infinity penalties between a close
> punctuation and a open punctuation, for example between `”` and `“`, or
> between `:` and `“`, so can not break at these places, as showed in
> following doc. But actually, we may sometimes need to do so. Please note
> that there is no space around full width punctuations in Chinese document.

you can try this in scrp-cjk.lua (remake the format)

local chinese_8 = {
     jami_initial     = nobreak_shrink_break_stretch,
     korean           = nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,
     chinese          = stretch_break, -- nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,
     hiragana         = stretch_break, -- nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,
     katakana         = stretch_break, -- nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,
     half_width_open  = nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch_nobreak_autoshrink,
half_width_open  = stretch_break,
     half_width_close = nobreak_autoshrink_nobreak_stretch,
     full_width_open  = nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch_nobreak_shrink,
     full_width_close = nobreak_autoshrink_nobreak_stretch,
     full_width_punct = nobreak_autoshrink_nobreak_stretch,
     hyphen           = nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,
     non_starter      = nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,
     other            = nobreak_autoshrink_break_stretch,

Thanks to your guidance, I solved the problem. And I would like to look into some other related issues that I have doubts about and get back to you together. So I need some more time.
> doc for example:
> ```lmtx
> \setscript[hanzi]
> \usetypescriptfile[mscore]
> \usebodyfont   [mschinese,20pt]

can you upgrade the chiese section in that file for windows 10+ as the
old fonts are gone

(i tested with \definedfont[file:mingliu.ttc*chinese @ 10pt])

Sorry, when you say ` that file for windows 10+`, which one are you referring to? to scrp-cjk.lua?( yes, I will upgrade it.) or to my lmtx doc for testing?(It work fine in my Windows 10.) or to type-imp-mscore.mkiv? (It work fine in my Windows 10, and no mingliu.ttc in it.)

                                          Huang Fusyong(黄复雄)
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