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Various documents mention a namespace feature for references by setting prefix=+. This is a really cool feature but I cannot get it to work. Why does the following example not work:



\startchapter[reference=chap1,title={First Chapter}]
  \startsection[reference=sec1,title={First Section in First Chapter}]
    Reference \type{sec1} is \about[sec1].\par
    Reference \type{chap2:sec1} is \about[chap2:sec1].\par

\startchapter[reference=chap2,title={Second Chapter}]
  \startsection[reference=sec1,title={First Section in Second Chapter}]
    Reference \type{sec1} is \about[sec1].\par
    Reference \type{chap1:sec1} is \about[chap1:sec1].\par


Any help is appreciated.

Christoph Reller

Does anybody have a minimal working example on this topic? Because of the concise syntax "prefix=+" it is difficult to google for an example.

This feature is mentioned in two places:
1. contextref.pdf in section "12.5 Cross references" explains the main mechanism but seems a little outdated.
2.  Hans Hagen, "This Way - Cross document referencing", September 2011. This is more up to date, but mentions the feature only briefly. The mentioned key there is not "prefix" but "referenceprefix", which doesn't seem to work either.

Christoph Reller