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[…] ConTeXt has never had a very strong presence in the exact sciences.

Hi Taco and all,

In order to change this, and in order to use more easily the t-bib module, can you please tell us how to put the cited references in square bracket in the typest output, something like:
.... see T. Hoekwater [2]...
when in the source file one says 
... see T. Hoekwater \cite[THoekwater]...

Since I am strongly willling to switch to ConTeXt for writing and submitting my maths papers, there are two other questions which I couldn't fix:
1) in the output of the minimal example below one sees two dots after the title of the Galileo reference; and the number of page of the Hoekwater reference appears as « .14p. » instead of « 14 p. »
2) the other question is that how the reference list can be in the alphabetical order? (Assuming that the publications are defined within the source file)

Thanks in advance.
Best regards: OK

########### begin example-biblio.tex


   \author{First Name}[G. ]{}{Galilei}
   \title{Discorso sul flusso e il reflusso del mare}

\title{\CONTEXT\ Publication Module, The user documententation}
\note{In case you didn't know: this is the main manual wriiten on bib-module.}





This is an example of article with bibliography, using the bibliography module (\type{t-bib.tex}) which takes care of references to publications and the typesetting of publication lists in  \CONTEXT. For more information see T.~Hoekwater~\cite[THoekwater].
If Galileo Galilei knew about this, the book  \cite[Galileo] would have been written differently.


########### end example-biblio.tex