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Luca Donetti schrieb am 07.01.19 um 21:21:
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>     Luca Donetti schrieb am 14.12.18 um 22:14:
>     > Dear list,
>     >
>     > I am facing a problem with grid alignment when using paragraphs. I
>     > think it could be a bug because the MWE below produces lines
>     which are
>     > correctly aligned to the grid with the context version included in
>     > texlive 2017, but it does not seem to work with the context in
>     texlive
>     > 2018 and the current beta (ConTeXt  ver: 2018.12.07 19:37 MKIV beta
>     > fmt: 2018.12.14).
>     > This is the MWE:
>     >
>     > \setuplayout[grid=yes]
>     > \defineparagraphs[twocols][n=2]
>     > \showgrid
>     >
>     > \starttext
>     > \starttwocols
>     > \input knuth
>     > \nexttwocols
>     >   \input knuth
>     > \stoptwocols
>     > \stoptext
>     >
>     > Am I doing anything wrong? If not, I'll appreciate any
>     suggestion or
>     > workaround.
>     https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/468711/context-defineparagraphs-aligned-to-grid/
>     Wolfgang
> Dear Wolfgang,
> thank you for your help. Unfortunately, if I follow the suggestion in
> your link (using [location=depth]), the alignment improves but it is
> still not good: some lines are on grid while some others are not. If I
> understand correctly your answer, inside the \framed there is a table
> and, in this case, it seems to me that the spacing between lines is
> not always equal to the grid spacing.
> Is there a way to force the interline spacing inside the \framed
> block? I'm sorry if this is a simple question, but I'm quite new to
> context.

The interlinespace is correct but the paragraphs environment is too high,
location=bottom puts the text on the baseline but it adds an extra blank
line at the begin of the environment.

A simple fix to get rid of the extra line is to set the width of the frame
border to 0pt which doesn’t matter when the rules are disabled.


\defineparagraphs [twocols] [n=2]




   \input knuth
   \input knuth



 Dear Wolfgang,

thank you very much for your reply (and sorry for my late reply). Your suggestion do solve my minimal example but, unfortunately, not my real world example. I will try to find another minimal example which still shows the problem. In the meantime I'll try to play with different options of location=.