OK—that makes sense, since Brill is the family name. But then changing “BrillItalic” to “Brill” will not get the italic math characters (Roman or Greek). So, is there a way to get these italics using \definefallbackfamily or must one use \definefontfallback (as Hraban and I eventually did)?

I was using Pagella and Cambria to convince myself that the problem was one in my encoding and not some problem with the Brill font.

Best, Alan

On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 4:46 AM, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang@gmail.com> wrote:

19. Oktober 2017 um 15:05
Many thanks for this, Wolfgang. That is very helpful. Right now, then, I have:

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [rm] [Brill] 
[tf=style:italic, range={0x03B8}, offset={0x03D1}]%Greek theta

[range={0x30-0x39}] %oldstyle numerals, normal

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [Brill] [preset=math:lowercasenormal]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [BrillItalic] [preset=math:lowercaseitalic]

The font name for the third argument is *always* Brill and not BrillItalic or BrillBold.

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [Brill] [preset=math:uppercasenormal]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [BrillItalic] [preset=math:uppercaseitalic]

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [Brill] [preset=math:lowercasegreeknormal]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [BrillItalic] [preset=math:lowercasegreekitalic]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [Brill][preset=math:uppercasegreeknormal]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mm] [BrillItalic] [preset=math:uppercasegreekitalic]

\definefontfamily[mainface][mm][TeX Gyre Termes Math][scale=0.94]

\setupmathematics[ucgreek=normal, lcgreek=italic]



normal: 1234567890\quad math: \m{1234567890}

normal: ABCDEFabcdef\quad italic: \emph{ABCDEFabcdef}\quad math: \m{\red ABCDEFabcdef}

normal: ΑΒΓΔΕΘαβγδεθ\quad slanted: \emph{ΑΒΓΔΕΘαβγδεθ}\quad math: \m{\red ΑΒΓΔΕΘαβγδεθ}

Greek theta: \emph{θ}


As you can see, all I need is to get the Brill lowercase Greek in mathmode and the proper slanted Greek theta.

\m{\theta \vartheta}

I have tried this with Pagella and Cambria instead of the Brill font and the problem persists. So I must be doing something wrong. But what?

Pagella and Cambria have a proper math font, why would you use fallbacks for them.


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