Hi all,

ppchtex is really nice. after experimenting with it  i found some buglets:


\setupchemical[axis=off,frame=on, option=test, size=medium, scale=medium, right=2000, left=3000, height=6000,textsize=medium]%textsize and option=test has no effect - why?
\chemical[SIX,SB135,DB246,SR6,Z,CRZ6][N,C,N,C,C,C,{\LC{\color[green]{NH}}}]%here color works
\color[green]{\chemical[ADJ3,Five,SB235,DB4,Z345,SR3,CRZ3][N,C,H,H]}%color does not work here, manual says it should -why?


maybe someone can also explain how the OFF key works. the behaviour is strange in my opinion. i found nothing precise in the manual. onhttp://chneukirchen.org/blog/archive/2004/05/ppchtex.html i found following explanation:

18OFF1: do 18 small steps in direction 1 (right)

but this donīt work - even with the example on the homepage.

best regards