Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your remark: indeed after issuing the command

mtxrun --script cache --fonts â€”erase

the result is correct with palatino as the choice of font. 
I notice that the luatex-cache increases during the time: is there any reason for which the luatex-cache is not erased when updating? 

Best regards: OK

On 19 Nov 2016, at 20:22, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang@gmail.com> wrote:

18. November 2016 um 23:08

I don't know,



Why is the text in bold italic?


works ok here so you need to check what palatino gets selected (maybe you need to be more specific)
I can reproduce with the palatino on my system which comes in ttc-format.

The problem is that context adds only a single font from a ttc-font to the database
which results in weird results.

Clearing the font cache with "mtxrun --script cache --fonts --erase" helps sometimes
but the problem can appear when the font cache is updated.

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