Thank you very much for your quick answer to you both Fabrice and Henning ! It seems there is no detailed documentation about peculiar aspects of CTX on MacOS. 

For instance, the use of fonts database on unix-like and MacOS are a bit different (but not quite a lot) and this command :
mtxrun --script fonts —reload 

Works fine with this one based on fontconfigfc-cache -v -f

There is some adaptation in the transition from Linux to MacOS, because one has to play and to look for the fonts paths which are a bit different with Mac than the Unix paths … 

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Now my question : I want to try CTX (ConTeXtver: 2021.12.30) on MacOS X (currently 10.13  High Sierra), while I was formerly working with old versions on Linux and Windows based systems. Among other difficulties (like how to export OSFONDIR permanently), I don’t find the clever command . setuptex, which made possible a bunch of other commands (like context —make and context —generate). Even if a lot of things on MacOS X seem to share with Unix-like systems, I am looking for detailed documentation concerning a well done installation of CTX on MacOS X.

You can install LMTX the usual Unix way (; setuptex doesn’t exist any more.

And then you can install modules:

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the Wiki!

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