I sent this email four days ago and it may not have been delivered?

Dear Hans,

I found that ConTeXt injected two infinity penalties between a close punctuation and a open punctuation, for example between `”` and `“`, or between `:` and `“`, so can not break at these places, as showed in following doc. But actually, we may sometimes need to do so. Please note that there is no space around full width punctuations in Chinese document.

doc for example:

\usebodyfont   [mschinese,20pt]



\dorecurse{5}{“好?!;”“:,。”} % linebreak sutck

\dorecurse{30}{“我”} % linebreak sutck

\dorecurse{30}{我} % linebreak work

\dorecurse{30}{我。} % linebreak work


What I see between any two consecutive punctuations are

<penalty userpenalty>       10000
<glue userskip>             0       0       655500
<penalty userpenalty>       10000
<glue userskip>             0       655500  0

so nowhere to linebreak.


                              Huang Fusyong(黄复雄)

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