On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 7:03 AM Lutz Haseloff <lutz.haseloff@toppkieker.info> wrote:
Hi Hans, hi all,

I think, that recent context has a problem with scaling included pdf files.
My minimal file:

draw externalfigure "cow.pdf" ;

The resulting pdf is, as the original, 97x70.6 mm, all ok.

If I try to scale to the original size, i get arithmetic overflow error.

draw externalfigure "cow.pdf" xscaled 97mm yscaled 70.6mm ;

Whe i scale it down, the pdf gets really big.

draw externalfigure "cow.pdf" xscaled 27.5mm yscaled 20mm ;

results in a pdf with width of 4.938,8 mm and height of 2.612,3 mm.

I tested with recent context and luatex under windows 64 and linux-armhf.

which context and luatex version ?  Are you using experimental ?