El sáb, 29 jul 2023 a la(s) 02:50, Pablo Rodriguez (oinos@gmx.es) escribió:
Dear list,

trying to generate the format for current latest (2023.07.28 20:04), I
get this error message:

tex error       > tex error on line 280 in file lang-lab.mkxl: Control
sequence expected instead of undefined

\lang_labels_define_class_indeed {head}{

<macro> \definelabelclass
    ...ded {\lang_labels_define_class_indeed {#1}{\ifchknumber #2\or
    \else \zerocount \fi }\expandafter \noexpand \csn ...
<line 3.280>
    \definelabelclass [head]      [0]
     % titles

<empty file>
You injected something that confused the parser, maybe by using some Lua

LuaMetaTeX is from 20230727 (just in case it might be relevant).

Could anyone confirm the issue?

Same here. If, in line 69 of lang-lab.mkxl, you replace \lastchknumber with #2 (as it seems it was in older releases, e.g. https://source.contextgarden.net/tex/context/base/mkxl/lang-lab.mkxl?search=lang-lab), it works again. Anyway, let's wait for a proper fix by Hans. 


Many thanks for your help,

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