What follows are some queries that I will be happy to write up for the wiki. The aim (hope?) is to develop a set of instructions for installing the minimals on a Mac that a Mac user without any real knowledge of unix (such as myself) can follow easily. (There are a number of people scattered around the world who help me in producing various publications; and since they too are not unix savvy, I need such instructions if we are to keep our installations functioning and up to date.)

Once the ConTeXt minimals are installed in the Applications folder and the user can run
Hello world!
which is where the wiki (Installation>section 1.2) currently leaves off, there still remain a few tasks. 


(a) getting this ConTeXt installation to recognize a personal texmf directory

(b) running the various binaries (e.g., texmfstart, ctxtools) in /Applications/ConTeXtMinimals from Terminal
(c) establishing synchronization between  PDF output and its ConTeXt source. Currently, it does not seem to work (with TeXShop at least)
Note, in the latest TeXShop there is
Added support for SyncTeX. SyncTeX is new synchronization technology by Jerome Laurens which is included in TeX Live 2008 (but not earlier TeX distributions). The technology is built directly into pdfTeX and XeTeX. In modern TeX distributions, most typesetting actually calls pdfetex (even if using latex to output a dvi file), and thus the technology is available for such typesetting. To use the technology, add the flag --synctex=1 

Any advice on how to do (a), (b), and (c) will be much appreciated.