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Thank you very much for your quick answer to you both Fabrice and Henning ! It seems there is no detailed documentation about peculiar aspects of CTX on MacOS.
For instance, the use of fonts database on unix-like and MacOS are a bit different (but not quite a lot) and this command :
mtxrun --script fonts —reload
Works fine with this one based on fontconfig: fc-cache -v -f

I don’t remember to have used this for years. ConTeXt AFAIK doesn’t use fontconfig. (LilyPond does…)

fc-cache -v -f works fine on MacOS aswell as on Linux; try some command like this one : fc-list : file family |grep \/Library which list all fonts and their location 

There is some adaptation in the transition from Linux to MacOS, because one has to play and to look for the fonts paths which are a bit different with Mac than the Unix paths …

Of course, but that is basic MacOS knowledge and not specific to ConTeXt.
You’re right !

You might want to set:

OSFONTDIR='/System/Library/Fonts//:/Library/Fonts//:~/Library/Fonts//:/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts//
#:~/FontExplorer\ X/Font\ Library//'


(whereever you installed ConTeXt)
 context, latex, mtxrun, mtxrun.lua are installed in /Users/xxx/context/tex/texmf-osx-64/bin … I’ve forgotten that CTX doesn’t exist no more since it replacement by Luametatex ! I still use ConTeXt MKIV ...

I also suggest to install everything personal in ~/texmf (same on Linux) and not in texmf-local or texmf-project, at least if you are planning to have parallel installations (which make sense if you want to keep a "stable" version but also want to check out new features/bugfixes).
I thought that all personal fonts should be added in texmf-fonts ? 

By the way, it might be useful to have . setuptex command. How to deal with such a situation, when mtxrun command doesn’t work ? 

Thanks you very much, Hraban, for these advices !
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