Wolfgang, Hans, et al,

The new \startuserdata macro looks very promising, and can simplify some work I have in progress.

The first question: the wiki example and the source use


to retrieve the value of optionkey and anotherkey. Is there a way to provide the key/value pairs in a manner that they can be retrieved with the getparameters mechanism, as:

\getrawparameters [XX] [optionkey=,anotherkey=,#1]

This has the added advantage of allowing the setting of a default value, as

\getrawparameters [XX] [optionkey=2em,anotherkey=,#1]

Or is there a reason not to use getparameters in this setting?

The second question: Is there the possibility to enhance the syntax so that one can write

\startMyStuff [optionalkey=value, anotherkey=value]

instead of

\startuserdata [MyStuff] [optionalkey=value, anotherkey=value]

Such syntactic sugar makes sweeter reading of the text, and makes clearer what is being done when nesting the macro.

Rik Kabel